Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Some Interesting Articles on Conservation

Apologies for being a social loafter and relying on my fellow first movers to provide new content over the past couple of week. That being said I came some interesting articles today that I thought I would share.

The First: Nordic Countries Know How to Create Sustainable Communities i discovered while reading my weekly Ithaca Community News electronic newsletter. While I'm no longer a resident I'm still a subscriber as it helps me continue to feel connected to quite possibly the greatest city in the United States. The article discusses Sweeden's achievements at the forefront of sustainable design. In particular if references a book entitled The Natural Step for Communities which discusses steps communities have taken to achieve sustainability.

Second: The Hidden Life of Paper and It's Impact on the environment, from the New York Times which discusses the publishing industries contribution of CO2 and other greenhouse gases from paper mills into the environment. It also discusses the industries efforts to and pressure on the industry to curtail its environmental impact.


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