Saturday, March 17, 2007

De Novo Looking For Contributors

I can't take advantage of this, because I still am not technically a law student. But Blog de Novo, one of the pre-eminent law student blogs, is looking for a new crop of contributors to take over the reins now that's its current set of bloggers is graduating.

De Novo is a wonderful part of the blawg community, and I'd hate to see it go defunct.

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Blogger PG said...

You're still eligible -- hence the invitation to nascent law students, of whom I presume you to be one :-) I helped to start De Novo before I began law school.

3/18/2007 11:29 PM  
Blogger David Schraub said...

Well, I still have one more year of college to go. And there remains a chance (slim, I hope) that I'll go to grad school in another field (Political Science or Judiac Studies, most likely). So I should probably demur.

3/19/2007 1:35 AM  

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