Thursday, September 08, 2011

Publication & Presentation Announcement

My paper, Homewrecker 2.0: An Exploration of Liability for Heart Balm Torts Involving AI Humanoid Consorts, has been accepted for the 2011 International Conference on Social Robotics. It will be published by Springer. And I will be presenting it at the conference in late November in Amsterdam.

The paper is built around a hypothetical alienation of affections or criminal conversion case that involves an artificially intelligent actor. Through focusing on that hypothetical, the paper considers the problems posed by AI liability for social wrongs. It also explores how law and social robotics may be able to adapt to one another to solve potential problems caused by having an AI actor regulated by law that was designed to regulate interactions between humans.

Friends and colleagues have asked me what tort law and AI sexbots have to do with my interest in environmental law and policy. Admittedly, they don't have much to do with each other on the surface. Both involve law and new uses of technology of course. But at root, what interests me is whether we are treating each other and the world around us in a way that is just, compassionate, and sustainable.

I'm looking forward to discussing these goals in relation to social robotics with the engineers, scientists, authors, and other experts at the ICSR 2011 conference.


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