Monday, May 30, 2011


First, thank you to Dean Chen for inviting me to blog for the Jurisdynamics Network. I'm very happy to join this group of young scholars and writers.

Here's a bit about me:
In my own studies and writing, I concentrate on the intersection of science and law. After graduating from the University of California - Hastings College of the Law (JD, 2009), I completed a graduate research fellowship under the direction of Professor Jaime King. For that project, I researched the constitutionality of prenatal genetic testing regulation. Now in Paris, I write for a number of outlets, including LegalMatch's law blog and Shark. Laser. Blawg., while I finish research for a book about the legal implication of social AI robots. This fall, I will begin a MSc programme in Water Science, Policy and Management at the University of Oxford.

And why I'm excited about First Movers and the Jurisdynamics Network:
As Justice Louis Brandeis put it, “If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.”
Doing so, however, takes careful tending to. One of the many tools we have to ensure that law is respectable is the sort of interdisciplinary dialogue that takes place here. In short, as we learn about ourselves and the world around us through the sciences, we are better equipped to bring the law up to date as well.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to write here and add my two cents to the ongoing debate between law and science. I welcome comments and will do my best to reply to each one promptly.

Best wishes to all,



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