Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Mover: Michelle Thorne

Testing...testing. 1...2...3.

A warm hello and a hearty thank-you from the new girl. By way of introduction, I'm Michelle Thorne, often mistaken in a hasty Google search for another, more notorious Michelle Thorne. To any false hits through my Googlegänger, I fondly retort, "I'm sorry. I'm not a woman of, caliber."

I am very grateful to Jim Chen for his encouraging invitation to join this blog, First Movers. Jim has been a wonderful muse and has really motivated me get my typing fingers in action and start posting. I already do a good bit of typing with Creative Commons International, for whom I help manage jurisdiction projects worldwide as part of the international license porting process. It must be said here, however, that all the content I contribute here is my personal opinion and not a reflection of Creative Common's opinions or intentions.

I am based in lively city of Berlin but grew up in Heidelberg, Germany. I attended Mount Holyoke College, where I majored in Critical Social Thought and wrote my thesis on authorship, originality, and the development of American copyright law.

I am looking forward to First Movers and getting to know my co-contributors. Thanks again for having me, and happy reading!

CC By-SA 3.0


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